Brand Plan

By promoting brand management as a vital company asset, Briskteam proposes a process generated from its strategic and creative impulse. The Brand Plan links the needs and expectations of individuals -shareholders, employees, customers, intermediation network, final clients – based on specific strategies and actions designed to create a relationship that will not end with the purchase. Brisk summarises this in three steps:


We delve into the “shared truths” of consumers, users, stakeholders, businesses, communities and citizens, into their needs, aspirations and behaviours.. Searching for “insights” is similar to mining: Finding the veins and separating metal from waste.


We work on creative interpretations of insights to flow into growing brand relevance. They are “ideas” when they are capable of shifting market trends, of creating interaction and engagement, when well adapted to different media, supports and formats and if they generate continuity (campaignability). In this context we define creativity as “The faculty to achieve effective communication. Not imitative. Unexpected”.


The best advertising has always generated interaction, and that is our commitment. New media multiply the capacity of interaction between companies and the people on the street, creating new and stimulating challenges. If the brand seeks proximity with individuals, who are increasingly cautious of excessive intermediation, we believe it is more important than ever to generate a relationship full of humanism and not recreational cybernetics. Brands acquire new responsibilities with the merging of interactive media and social networks. The chances of them becoming a significant part of people’s lives have also increased.

Brisk reinforcing cycle

We define three phases for effective communication (not as a sequence but as a continuous feedback system)

Listening to the market

To society, the target audience, prescribers, competitors.


By creating a strategy and capturing it into creative proposals, in specific formats and materials. By transmitting the thought in the execution itself, given the importance of the processes in the consolidation and improvement of ideas.


By avoiding dispersion and inserting actions in the context of a communication plan with continuity. Looking after the internal reflection of external communications. And by establishing with the customer the brand calendar planning interaction.

In the Media

Brisk is conscious of how media saturation puts brands in the lurch. Both the market and the public itself have at their disposal more media platforms than ever. The challenge is to stay. We work under the premise that the complexity of the media has to be compensated by the strategy’s simplicity: the media are not the end. The ability to generate content and access has become imperative in creating the brand’s narrative and relational structure. Communication is social.

Brisk and Social Media

We believe that companies and brands must develop an integrated communication plan in the new media, either with the prospect of immediate results or to prepare a future that is just around the corner. To communicate successfully in a Transmedia world is to keep active a cross conversation with the audience. The only way to manage an audience is to create content. Content creation involves defining an editorial line. A brand’s editorial line should be based on the company strategy . Being in internet means being in the world.