Relación de marcas con trabajos de Briskteam en curso.



Relación de marcas para las que han trabajado los miembros de Briskteam

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  • Affinity
  • Borges C. Prunes
  • Camy ice cream
  • Carbonell
  • Espárragos Carretilla
  • Findus
  • Flora
  • Hornimans tea
  • IAN
  • Maggi
  • Mazola
  • Merk Biomanan
  • Nescafé
  • Nestlé Chocolates
  • Nestlé


    A long story: Maggi, mashed potatoes and broths. Launching and development of Findus frozen foods during the first decade. 12 years of campaigns for impulse and take-home ice creams. Nescafé and Nescafé Decaf assignments, etc… More recently, Nestlé Chocolates...TV, press, point of sale, packaging, collaboration in internal communications. And the brand`s first corporate campaign in Spain: "Nestlé. Algo de todos". (EG)
  • Nocilla Instant
  • Nocilla
  • Pastas Gallo

    Pastas Gallo

    Intense work developed in two different agencies and periods. The first, in the mid-80s: A luxury prescriber, Sophia Loren and the campaign "Disfruta la pasta". The second, after 2000: a focused intervention, both in testimonial optimization with known characters beloved by the public –Lydia Bosch, Anna Duato–, and in reflecting the feel of most consumers -"¡Me gusta! - showing their appreciation of pasta and the brand. (EG)
  • Ralston-Purana (soja)
  • Starlux


  • Bodegas Bach
  • Bodegas Bilbainas
  • Campari
  • Codorniú
  • Pepsi
  • Trina con gas
  • Trinaranjus


Beauty and Care

  • Lancaster Solar
  • Margaret Astor Color

    Margaret Astor Color

    Colour cosmetic campaigns renewed every season (more than 40) including concepts, naming, TV, POS, internal communications and occasionally press releases, promotions and events. Launchings of several cosmetic facial treatment lines with bestsellers such as `Natural Action`, `UltraSkin` and `Multiactive`. (EG)
  • Margaret Astor Tratamiento
  • Sophie Noël
  • Sunsilk Champú

    Sunsilk Champú

    First simultaneous global launching of the new ORGANICS shampoo,"el champú que nutre desde la raíz ". This was won in a pitch by the JWT Madrid creative team under our direction. Meetings held with company area managers in London, Paris, Tokyo, Buenos Aires. Presentations, pretests, preproduction, campaign and adaptations for every area. Between 7% and 14% share in 15 days. (DG)
  • Timotei
  • Zara Textures


  • 212 CH
  • Agua Brava
  • Agua Lavanda Puig

    Agua Lavanda Puig

    Launchings of male and female fragrances: ‘Brummel’, ‘Quorum’, ‘Herrera for Men’, ‘Carmen’ and ‘Abril’ from Victorio and Lucchino, as well as the fragrances that projected the Carolina Herrera brand beyond our country, from the first Carolina Herrera parfum to "212". 20 years building and repositioning brands: `Agua Lavanda Puig`, `Agua Brava`, `Anouk`, `Boston`, `Thaïs`, `Vetiver de Puig`, `Zara`, `Zinnia`and others. (EG)
  • Anouk
  • Aqua Velva
  • Boston
  • Brummel
  • Carolina Herrera NewYork
  • Denenes
  • Flore CH
  • Herrera for Men
  • Quorum
  • Vetiver de Puig
  • Victorio & Lucchinno
  • Zara Perfumes


  • De Beers
  • Lotusse
  • Montblanc
  • Rolex

Household appliances

  • Braun
  • Philips Linea Blanca


  • Evinrude
  • Firestone
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Ford Mondeo
  • Pirelli


  • Dymo
  • Olivetti

Toys and leisure

  • Educa
  • Fisher Price
  • Kodak


  • Inibsa
  • Grifols
  • Lilly
  • Madaus
  • Merk
  • Novartis


  • El Corte Ingles
  • Galerias
  • Pan’s and Company
  • Pastafiore
  • Visualis


  • Antex textil
  • Eraikune (Euskadi Building Cluster)
  • Fagor Group

    Fagor Group

    In 1986, the Fagor Group led the incorporation of communication as a strategic tool in all business units, from household electrical appliances to CNC equipment and process automation engineering: from B2C to B2B. For three years (1986-1989), responsibility of implementing the new Visual Identity Brand, defining the Corporate Communications Strategy and coordinating its implementation in the companies of the Group (B2B). In 2005, development of a MCC Brand analysis (internal perspective, brand architecture and lines of organization and growth). (RS)
  • Ikusi


    Collaboration with IKUSI began in 2007 helping the company to explore the impact of IP technologies in its business, to discover new opportunities and routes to manage change. To date still collaborating with the marketing department organization and redefining the Multimedia Business Unit accompanying the team in the design of marketing plans, Business Unit strategic display and the transformation of the international department. A partnership that continues. (RS)
  • Robertson

Real State

  • Les Torres de l’Eix Macià
  • Torre Picasso
  • Ulma Construcción

    Ulma Construcción

    A leading brand in the construction auxiliary sector. Its level of innovation together with a clear international strategy placed it in early 2000 among the big players in the global market. The new challenge faced was to build its own significance and differentiation: transmitting innovation to the brand. Work was based on ULMA Construction’s strategy and business model to define a concept, structure, language and Brand narrative aligned with the strategy. (RS)
  • Villa de Golf. Pals


  • Banco Pastor
  • DKV Seguros de Salud

    DKV Seguros de Salud

    This rich and lively case begins with the launching of the german company and brand in our country, and a long trajectory of subsequent work targeted to a stimulating range of public, media and scenarios. Insurance products and corporate communications, internal communications, events and sponsoring, social marketing and support to causes... (EG)
  • la Caixa


  • aaaaarte.com
  • El Pais

    El Pais

    1976-1981 / First phase: participation with the founding team in the development and first graphic modular project of a newspaper in Spain. Creation of El País Semanal and art direction. 1997-2008 / Second phase: a task result of the condition of member of the management committee, and art direction. Incorporation of colour to the newspaper and development of a large bunch of new supplements. (DG)
  • El Periodico de Catalunya
  • Elle Ed.Paris
  • La Vanguardia
  • Ronda Iberia
  • Tiempo
  • Tribuna vasca


  • Canal+


    Creative management of the first pay-TV channel in Spain. Planning and development of a rigorous system of corporate identity and, for all programming, a unified look and visual style. Team selection and training as well as program design. Full supervision of running orders, scripts, casting, sets and costumes, lighting, continuity elements, tests and trial runs, news reports and first self-promotion system. (DG)


  • EKD (Federation for Enterprise Knowledge)
  • Tekniker


  • Jesuïtes Educació
  • UIMP
  • Universidad de Deusto

    Universidad de Deusto

    With the creation of the European Higher Education Area, Deusto carries out from the Rectorship a major Strategic Reflection job culminating in Deusto’s Strategic Plan 2010. The assignment consisted in aligning the University of Deusto brand with the new strategy, to contribute to its success both inside and outside the University: faculty, students, society. (RS)
  • Universitat Ramon Llull


  • Agencia Tributaria
  • Bilbao Metropoli 30

    Bilbao Metropoli 30

    Of all the work done since the establishment of the Association until 2000, it is interesting to highlight the Bilbao Visual Identity definition and the communication of the Strategic Reflection Process Bilbao 2010. (RS)
  • Bilbao Ría 2000

    Bilbao Ría 2000

    Bilbao Ría 2000 is the organization responsible for urban revitalization in Bilbao. Its work is behind the great landmarks of the new Bilbao. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary we undertook the task of rethinking the brand to align with the new strategy of the organization. (RS)
  • BNG (bloque nacionalista galego)
  • El Algodón (AITPA)
  • Eudel (Basque Municipality)
  • Expo'92


    Winner in the pitch of ideas and execution for the Opening Ceremony. Two years of work in the preparation of acts exclusively for the first day of the Expo. From the official reception in the morning with the presence of the King and Queen of Spain to the evening shows and live television program broadcasted in 68 foreign channels. Script, design and production. And responsibility in contracting artists. (DG)
  • Fira de Barcelona
  • ICV (iniciativa per catalunya verds)
  • IWS (intl. Wool Secretariat)
  • Lehendakaritza (Basque Government)

    Lehendakaritza (Basque Government)

    Development of the first Basque Government Communication Plan as well as strategic management and related advertising campaigns. Diploma at FIAP and Silver Sol award in San Sebastian. (RS)
  • Moda de España
  • Síndic (El Defensor en Catalunya)
  • Turisme Diputació de Barcelona