Rafael Suso

foto: Joan Lluís Arruga

Rafael Suso

In 1984 he began his career in San Sebastian. After two years in advertising agencies, his interest in communication from the advertiser’s perspective led him to Fagor Group, as head of the new Corporate Communication area. These are the years of Spanish modernization, of Visual Identity, of concern to be competitive in Europe. Years defined by the challenges of 92. From Fagor he then joined the Secretariat of the Presidency of the Basque Government (1989).

The Ardanza cabinet was concerned to approach citizenship to government work focused on economic recovery, in the transformation of the heavy industry sector. Challenges of the 21st Century begin to be sensed and it is necessary to bring closer the Government’s work to the citizens’ daily life. Under his responsibility is the development of the first Basque Government Communication Plan. This includes the coordination of the major communication actions from the Government departments: the infrastructure development program Europe 93, the organization of social movements for peace.
After this experience in the public sector, 1991 led him to the world of mass media and the public-private cooperation institutions Bilbao Metropoli 30. His contribution crystallizes in incorporating strategic marketing parameters (identity, client, differentiation, value proposition, positioning, branding) to these organizations and prepare them for the digital revolution.

In 1996, companies begin showing their concern on the new century. In the information era, knowledge appears as a new paradigm of management. Four companies: Iberdrola, BBVA, ABB and IBM, with initial support from the Basque Government, take the initiative to create EKD (Federation for Enterprise Knowledge Management), a think tank for company development. Rafael Suso is called to occupy the position of general manager. For five years he coordinates a team of researchers and reflection groups, generating implementation and development projects of best practices organized into four content areas: strategic thinking, organizational learning, system thinking, creativity and innovation. To sum up: the vital importance of “significance” in the process of creating value and shaping the future of organizations.
In fall 2011, firmly convinced that the production of significance is the contemporary challenge of organizations, he founded Significco, a strategic communication consulting company, with the commitment to help its clients in the transformation and management of their businesses in the new paradigm of brands. He is a frequent guest in analysis and opinion spaces of mass media.

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Experience with major clients and brands:

Fagor Group, Ikusi – Velatia Group, Eraikune – Construction Cluster, Beissier, bIDEA, Avant, MCC – Mondragón Cooperative Corporation, ULMA Construction, Real Sociedad de Futbol, Bilbao Metropoli 30 (society for the revitalization of Metropolitan Bilbao), Bilbao Ría 2000 (society for the urban renewal of Bilbao and surroundings), Bilbao Chamber of Commerce, EUDEL – Association of Basque Municipalities, Basque Government.

Rafael Suso

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